Air Conditioning Energy Assessment Training Course

Energy Foundation Training is pleased to be one of the few centres to provide the Air Conditioning Energy Assessor qualification courses (Dip ACEA).

All buildings containing air-conditioning systems with a total effective rated output greater than 12 kW will from January 2011 have their energy efficiency assessed at least once every five years. Personnel in control of the technical operation of an air-conditioning system, will become responsible for obtaining an assessment report:

  • For existing systems the first inspection should be conducted.
  • By 4 January 2009 if it is larger than 250 kW.
  • By 4 January 2011 if it is larger than 12 kW.
  • Within five years for any systems installed on or after 1 January 2008.

Energy Foundation Training is an ABBE accredited centre and is offering Dip ACEA training throughout England and Wales to experienced air conditioning and refrigeration engineers. Unlike other providers, our courses will not cover the basics of 'what is a split-pack' and as such will be shorter, quicker to complete and cheaper than any other provider. If you are interested in further details and a course schedule please contact the centre office on 0333 123 4327.

Our courses are aimed at refrigeration and air conditioning service engineers, commercial energy assessors and others with a similar level of experience. If you have experience of larger air-handling equipement then we recommend entry directly onto the level 4 course. If your experience lies in split pack systems and VRF then the 2-day level 3 course is designed for you.

Level 3 course �1699 + VAT.

Level 4 course �1899 + VAT.

Level 3 DipACEA Air Conditioning Energy Assessor

  • Unitary packaged systems
  • Single split packaged systems
  • Multi-split packaged systems
  • Simple variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems
  • Indoor units - including floor, wall and ceiling mounted units
  • Controls - including self-contained on-board controls for temperature and time

The Level 3 qualification is presently available for candidates with prior knowledge and experience in the industry, and a course for new entrants to the industry will be available later in the year.

The Level 4 course however requires significant prior experience and knowledge of air conditioning systems or a Level 4 DipNDEA qualification.

Level 4 DipACEA Air Conditioning Energy Assessor

  • Multiple linked VRF systems
  • Centralised air systems - including active or passive terminal devices in the conditioned spaces
  • Centralised cooled water systems - including fan coil units, chilled beams and chilled ceiling panels
  • Water loop/reversible heat pump systems - including cooling towers and central heat generators
  • Delivery terminals - including variable air volume (VAV) boxes, induction units, grilles, slots and diffusers
  • Plant room equipment - including air-cooled condensers, dry air coolers, adiabatic coolers, refrigeration plant delivering cold water or cold refrigerant
  • Controls - including local temperature and time controls and building management systems

Course Training Dates

February 2012 - Full.
March 2012 - Places available
April 2012 - Places available
May 2012 - Places available

For details of the DipACEA please contact 0333 123 4327. Our enquiries team will be able to give more information via telephone or email to

Please note VAT is payable on all course fees.

A deposit of �500 (non refundable) is required to secure your place on any Energy Foundation Training course.